wpe1B.jpg (1131 byte)wpe17.jpg (1367 byte)wpe5.jpg (3142 byte)
wpeA.jpg (4113 byte)wpe6.jpg (1146 byte)
wpe1.jpg (4440 byte)
wpe5.jpg (2329 byte)
wpe6.jpg (2890 byte)
wpe9.jpg (2368 byte)
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wpe16.jpg (1348 byte)
wpe18.jpg (1242 byte)
wpe19.jpg (1056 byte)

wpe15.jpg (1368 byte)


late 60' flying saucer made in Kong Kong MIB missing battery cover 50
wpe1.jpg (3957 byte) Mint on Card Tomy Tron Figures:

Tron, Flynn, Warrior and Sark 60 each all never removed and with a staple on upper right corner

wpe1.jpg (5356 byte) Luna hovercraft Toplay Japan 300 complete working 50' tin toy in c10 conditions in a nice complete box
wpe2.jpg (2941 byte) Tin space capsule Modern toys Japan complete in c9 box never used but shows some plate wear, batteries are rotten inside, make an offer
wpe16.jpg (2757 byte)

 Yoneya Japan wind up moon man 100, nice c9 working toy in a damaged box complete but without window

wpe2.jpg (5008 byte) Modern toys japan battery operated space tank, it shoots aiming to 4 wonderful space plaques guided by a small mirror! 7" tank  75
wpe7.jpg (4352 byte)   

Lunar adventure game with batt. operated car inside that makes the space sphere rotate,

great late 60' Italian game, 7" wide comes in perfect box and un-used condition c10\c10!  50

wpe7.jpg (3551 byte) laser gunner BIG JIM early 80' this version was packed as a james bond  in other countries  120
wpe1.jpg (3573 byte) China Tv moon man 50 (missing two wheels on the back)
wpe7.jpg (3859 byte)

70' Gama Delta 8 space module mint with box missing one rubber wheel cover b\0p  70

wpe35.jpg (6563 byte)

Lunar traffic control early 70' made by Yonezawa Japan MINT complete never used 125

wpe19.jpg (6612 byte) Japan Modern Toys 100 battery operated driven by a ray gun very attractive! nice early 80' remote controlled plastic toy working c10 in c10 box
wpe26.jpg (4590 byte) Japanese  Mecha silver Godzilla remote cont. in a mint c10 box early 80'   85
wpe11.jpg (3239 byte)  Spaceship X5 Taiwan tin

60\70' great box! 60 

wpe5.jpg (4353 byte) Space Morse code set Hong Kong 60' 50$
wpe18.jpg (3455 byte) Hong Kong Space shuttle 80' 35
wpe10.jpg (5014 byte) Hong Kong early 80' plastic b\op shoots saucers has color fading on toy as pictured 50
wpe13.jpg (4512 byte) Yonezawa Japan 80' Flying Saucer 50
wpe4.jpg (3713 byte) Thunderbirds characters 15 each

wpe1E.jpg (3326 byte)                               Italian diacast 70' space vehicle 35

wpe25.jpg (5126 byte)    Italian Atlantic 70' saucer broken film window on top 50

wpeE.jpg (3279 byte)                Italian 60' plastic martians set mint in cup! 60


wpe1C.jpg (5063 byte)                          Kidco star cruiser 80' Hong Kong 30

wpe21.jpg (4334 byte)                                    Dinky diecast Zygon starfighter 75

wpe22.jpg (4109 byte)                             Dinky Zygon Marauder diecast 70

wpe27.jpg (5015 byte)                        Dinky Galactic war chariot diecast 60

Dinky space rescue 742

wpe10.jpg (3752 byte)                                  Zoids 2 Red Horn 40

wpe17.jpg (3972 byte)           Corgi Moonraker Space Shuttle MIB perfect! 150



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